Monday, March 19, 2007

Zero Cubic Centimeters - Pure Muscle

This probably won't surprise any of you, but I love my bicycle. When I was a kid, riding my bike was my favorite outdoor activity.

Yes, I pretended it was a motorcycle. Until I was 15. Shut up.

As a teenager, I rode several miles every day, until I got my driver's license. Then, like every other American kid, I stopped.

I finally got a bicycle again a few years ago, and riding it is still one of my favorite outdoor activities. I used to run and inline skate, but those aren't really practical activities compared to riding a bicycle (they are still fun, though). I like to go out on recreational bicycle rides, but I also use my bike to run errands. It makes exercising an integral part of my life, instead of another annoying chore.

Recently, I've wanted to start riding my bicycle to work a couple days a week. The trip is about sixteen miles one way, and I figure it'll take me about an hour. That's not that much longer than my ride to work takes anyway, and it's loads faster than taking the bus.

Of course, I'm not even close to being in good enough shape for that right now. I've got to get back into riding on a regular basis again.

Riding a bicycle has a lot of the same pleasures as riding a motorcycle, and a few others you might have forgotten about. Bicycles are quiet. It's neat to be up on two and able to hear the birds. Motorcycles are maneuverable, but bicycles are more so. Plus, if I get stuck, I can just pick up my bicycle and set it down somewhere else. I'm pretty sure I can't do that with the Triumph.

Anyway, I don't have any deep wisdom to impart today. I just wanted to say that two wheels are always better than four.

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Combatscoot said...

I miss bicycling.
I want to get a single-speed mountain bike, one with 29" wheels.