Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Scooters Are More Dangerous Than I Thought

The Speed Four is still down, waiting for it's chain to be adjusted. I got some great advice on how to break the axle nut loose, but that sucker is torqued on tight. 110 Newton-Meters of torque, to be precise. The goofy little wrench in the Triumph tool kit isn't NEARLY long enough to lever that little bastard free.

Tonight I'm going to go and get a breaker bar. That oughta show it who's boss.

In the meantime, I've been riding Lady Luck's Vespa to work. The Vespa, for me, is no end of trouble. For one thing, I can't feel the speed at all, which results in my riding everywhere at 65 miles per hour. Fun, yes, but certainly not wise when trying to avoid the hidden cameras of the law.

The other problem I have is that it's just too darn much fun. Last night I had a great time riding home on side roads, seeing Christmas light displays I haven't seen before and, of course, speeding.

I was having such a good time, in fact, that I stopped paying attention to where I was, and wound up riding an extra five miles or so before I realized I'd missed my turn.

I wish I was kidding.

I was shocked when I finally looked at the name of the road I was crossing and figured out where I was in relation to home.


Anyway, I made it home, late, happy, and mildly embarassed.

It's been slightly easier keeping my speeds down today. Hopefully I won't get unintentionally lost tonight.


Biker Betty said...

Don't let your scooter friends here about this, lol.

gary said...

Too late, Betty...

Lucky, I told you: For an urban runabout, the 250cc scooter can't be beat. That agility, quickness, and not having to shift all the time really make for a magic carpet in the city. I like my Baron OK, but that GTS has got to be awesome.

Yeah, I'm jealous...

Ride well,

Bill Sommers said...

Is "too darn much fun" really a problem?

I had to laugh when I thought of you looking at holiday light displays while speeding. I might buzz out this evening and try out your method.

Have fun,

Lucky said...

Betty - far too late. ;)

Gary - I haven't ridden a Baron, but I'm definitely impressed with the Vespa. In addition to the gobs of power, the fit and finish is beautiful.

Bill - Too much fun is a problem when one is trying to get home in a timely manner. I was already late when I discovered I was off course as well.

Holiday lights are prettier when they're just a blur. ;)