Wednesday, December 20, 2006

No One Wants To Play With Me!

This morning it was cold. I know a bunch of you live in places where it's really cold, but thankfully I don't live there with you. And either way, when the weather 70 degrees colder than what you're used to, it sucks.

As I left my phat, palatial estate this morning, I noticed that I could see my breath. For those of us in Phoenix, that's weird.

Fortunately, I had prior warning that it was going to be colder than a... very cold thing. I had a big bowl of oatmeal (I don't care what the ads say, Malt-o-meal doesn't keep me warm AND tastes like butt) and wore 3 layers under my jacket.

Good thing, too, because I stayed warm for almost a whole mile longer than I would have otherwise.

Anyway, I rode in to work with my visor varying between somewhat and very foggy (cold hands, warm lungs). I could see well enough to note, however, that no one else rode to work today. And the car pool lane was suspiciously full.

Why live in Arizona if you're not going to ride in the winter or summer? Truly, you know a state has gone soft when the rough and tough bunch who thrived in the extremes of the desert gave way to the S.U.V. driving pansies who won't go outside except for when the weather is perfect.

Lady Luck asked me the other night "So will you ride through the winter when we live somewhere that gets snow?"

I barely had time to think of how to respond when she said, "Of course you will. Who am I kidding?"

I said "Naturally, but I'm getting a sidehack for the winter."

Anyways, I guess until it warms up I'll be playing in traffic by myself.


red said...

good call on the Raven. I'm a big fan of the Gear-Up.

Lucky said...

The Gear-Up would be my second choice. Ya gotta let people know you mean business after all.

And I could mount a super-soaker on the sidecar in the summer. That would be awesome.

Biker Betty said...

I think the cold front that hit your area is now here in Colorado and it's dumping tons of snow and we are presently experiencing a blizzard.

gary said...

Way to go, Lucky! It takes cojones for your sunbelters to ride in the cold. Of course, said cojones tend to seek a warmer place to nest in those conditions, so be prepared for a bit of a shock. You haven't lost anything, they're just in hiding...

Ride well,

Combatscoot said...

I can vouch for that sidehack thing, really works on snow and ice. Can be a tad expensive, though, and usually ruins a perfectly-good solo bike.

Lucky said...

Betty - it's ever so slightly warmer here today, maybe you'll get a nice thaw up there!

Gary - Hiding indeed.

John - I'd hate to wreck a perfectly good bike. Thus, a Ural. They come pre-wrecked. ;)