Friday, October 14, 2005

Will this week ever end?

Tomorrow, I am planning on sleeping in until 4 or 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Then, I would like to get up, have a slice or two of cold pizza, and go straight back to bed.

I think I might have come across a little more harshly than I intended yesterday. Obviously, I don't expect everyone to be insane like me and ride through a Phoenix summer. No, the people who really bug me are the ones who won't ride if the bike is dirty, if the weather isn't 100%, if they don't have their fringed "lifestyle wear", and if no one is going to see them.

I'm sure there are one or two really great, down-to-earth folks who only ride every so often, and happen to enjoy looking like they stepped out of a Judas Priest video while they're doing it. I sincerely hope that I get to meet someone like that eventually, because Judas Priest rocks. Both literally, and in the ironic hipster "it's funny because they're cheesy" sense. Hey, Rob Halford lives in Phoenix, doesn't he? Maybe I'll bump into him.

In other news, Baldy-Beard and Bo are having a baby. Like, today. You may send your well-wishes for them to me, I'll pass them on.

Baldy-Beard met Bo at the hospital last night, and he asked me if I'd take the scooter home for him. So, I've got his scooter in my garage again. I wonder if the Vino and the VX were comparing notes last night.....

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