Sunday, September 11, 2005

Glorious Weekend.

This weekend I rode up to Flagstaff. The VX ran great, and the new front tire made a huge difference in how the bike handled. I rode fairly aggressively, and didn't have any "oh shit" moments in the twisty bits. On the way to (and from) Flagstaff I averaged about 90 mph, and I think I hit the ton a couple of times very briefly.

I stumbled across many things this weekend. For one, "Route 66 Days" was going on. That can only mean one thing: CAR SHOW. While at the car show, I discovered a new pizza place. There will naturally be a review later this week, once I've had time to write it up.

But for now, how would you like to see some pictures of cars and the VX?

I call this photo "VX800 in Repose." This was on my way back down Snowbowl Road.

I don't know much about old school hot rods, but I know a good accessory when I see it. Check this guy out:

Seriously, that's almost cooler than the car.

If you like Clutch you'll understand why I had to get a picture of this Dodge Swinger.

What's not to love?

And now for my favorite cars of the show:

This car had flame outlines done using a sharpie. You can't see them in this picture, but believe me when I tell you they were most ratty.

I want it. I need it. I have to have it. This car took 3 tries to get a decent photo of it. People kept getting their ugly, tourist butts in my way. How rude.

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