Thursday, August 11, 2005

Riding in the Rain

The other day I rode home in the rain. It wasn't raining particularily hard, but I was thoroughly soaked when I got home. Good times!

I was amused by how many people thought I was nuts for riding in the rain. Granted, I wouldn't go out of my way to ride through rain, but it's only rain. I wondered how afraid of motorcycles people really are. Yes, caution is necessary in the rain, but it's not like the roads turn into a giant slip n' slide in a light rain. At least, not after it's been raining for a bit (the roads do get slick when it first starts raining, due to oil on the road. It washes away after a few minutes.). You'd think it does from the way people crash into each other the second a drop of rain hits the road here in Phoenix, though. Frankly, rain or shine, the scariest part of riding is the traffic around me.

I try to always assume that the cars around me are driven by half-blind madmen on cell phones who are lost, and that I'm invisible. That way, when they don't crash into me, I'm pleasantly surprised.

And now for a blog-related update: I'm going to do a pizza review this week. Really.

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