Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Back in the Saddle Again

I was feeling well enough to ride this morning. Naturally, it started raining the second I stepped outside. Of course, I did the only reasonable thing: gave the sky the finger and rode to work anyway. I was confident doing so, because it never rains for more than 5 minutes here in the desert anyway. Well, except for when it does.

Five minutes later, it stopped raining and I was dry by the time I got to work.

As I rode today, I thought about the other "regulars" I see commuting every day. There are two people I see almost everyday: A lady on a sportster and some dude on an old black bike (I can never tell what it is) with clip-ons. Recently, I've also started to see a guy on a newish Indian Cheif (when it's nice out). Sportster lady and Cafe Racer seem like decent folks, but the dude on the Indian just pisses me off. Maybe it's because I'm jealous of his bike. I think it's really because he doesn't wave, nod, grin, ANYTHING when he sees me. Friggin' yuppie with his money and his pretty motorcycle...

Anyway, I want to meet this dude on the Cafe bike. One of these days I'm going to wait at the intersection he turns at and chase him until he lets me check out his bike.

And now for something really different: http://hooptyrides.blogspot.com/ is awesome. He's a hardcore do-it-yourselfer, which automatically makes him link-worthy.

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