Monday, July 18, 2005

You gotta be f*cking KIDDING me!

Today I was riding home from work and feeling PARTICULARILY GOOD about motorcycling, and especially good about my motorcycle.

Naturally, something had to go horribly wrong and ruin my FRICKIN' MONDAY. Let's recap the last 14 days or so: Flat tire, lots of swearing, Lost license plate, lots of swearing, AC went out at home, You'd better BELIEVE there was a lot of swearing... and now the coup de grace!

I stood up a bit as I was going over a bump in the road, and "CRACK!" one of my damn footpegs broke. The good news is that I didn't lose control of the bike. The bad news is I had to ride home one-legged (on the shifting side, OF COURSE), and the new part is right around $90. FUCK rare bikes! FUCK foot pegs! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!

Aww hell. I'm going to fix it, and I'm going to love it all the more once it's up and going again. I bet Coop knows exactly how I feel.

Here's a pic of the broken mounting bracket.

Here's a pic of the gimpy footpeg:

Here's a couple pics of the other side, to show how it SHOULD look:

Here's the part where you tell me how much this sucks, and send me money and candy. Or better yet, the mounting bracket for the left side footpeg for a '91 Suzuki VX800.

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Wolfie said...

I hereby officially petition that your bike be given a name that reflects it's high-maintenance-osity. Like "Primadonna", or "Prissy Bitch," or "Scarlet-Fucking-O'Hara". Have fun!