Monday, July 11, 2005

My wife, the wrench.

On Friday night my wife drove me out to where I left the VX, and hung out with me while I tried to put the wheel back on. I had a great deal of difficulty getting the spacers back in place. After I struggled, swore and threw things around for about an hour, she asked me why I didn't just use a screwdriver to pry things open just a bit. Five minutes later the wheel was on and I was on my way.

A friend of mine (HI WOLFIE!) digs ancient German culture and told me about a particular practice at "tribal" meetings. Basically, one night, the men would all get drunk, and then discuss the issue. Then they'd go home, discuss it with their wives the next day, and go back and discuss it again sober. Obviously, a major point of that story is that your wife's input is pretty valuable and you should listen to her advice.

So True.

As an aside, Mrs. Lucky will be known as Lady Luck from now on.

Another aside: There will be a pizza review this week.

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