Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Pie Zanos Kitchen - THE REVIEW!

So here's the rating system I'm going to use:

Thumb up = Way to go!
Sideways Thumb = Adequate, but not special
Thumb down = Sucks!

Pizza Posse consisted of: Lucky, Mrs. Lucky, Baldy-Beard, Bo
Date: 6-25-2005
Restaurant: Pie Zanos Kitchen

Overall: Thumbs Up

High praise from Bo and Baldy-Beard above.

The Pie: "Volcano" Sausage, Tomato, Cheese, fresh Jalepeno, hot wing sauce on top.

Crust: Sideways Thumb. A decent conveyance for pizza toppings. Kind of tasted like a saltine, only without salt. Good, but entirely unremarkable.

Sauce: Sideways Thumb. The sauce was also adequate. Unmemorable.

Toppings: Thumb up. Fresh and good. The cheese was kind of weird, almost like velveeta-mozzarella. Sausage was good, but not special. Fresh jalepeno peppers saved it.

Ambiance: Thumb up. Way cool. Kind of like chipotle/pei wei, only with REAL art (by local artist Jason Rudolph Pena. By the way, the N in Pena should have a squiggle over it, but I don't know how to put it there....) on the walls. The staff was super friendly and helpful. They were tatted up, and had long hair/shaved heads. That warmed my bitter little heart.

Sorry about the glare on Willy.

Cool art was plentiful.

They had a cool make-your-own pizza line a la Chipotle/Subway, only without the overwhelming stink of big business.

Really good salads and cheesy garlic breadsticks. Mrs. Lucky's pizza was much better than mine. We will definitely go again, and try different pizza.

They happened to be in a cool strip mall. If you aren't in Phoenix, you probably don't know how a strip mall can be "cool." Basically, Phoenix IS a strip mall. If you want to buy something, even a good something, you are going to a strip mall. After the first couple of years here you get used to the idea and can appreciate the differences in strip mall quality.

I can't believe I just said that.

The ride was boring superslab the whole way. 202 - 51 - Camelback - 24th street. It was better than no ride at all, though.

Who's this guy? He's got a cool bike, whoever he is. Looks like it runs pretty well too.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely the worst pizza i have ever tasted. service was very good and the place was clean. start over on the crust and sauce, please! Ordered four pizzas, they were all equally awful. 50$ wasted