Thursday, April 10, 2008

Links and an update on the VX800

Beemer Dan of the UTMC sent me this link to the 10 worst pizza toppings. The scary thing is that some of them are intriguing.

Over the weekend I picked up a set of six point wrenches, and tonight I'm headed for the garage to show the VX800 who's boss. The current list of tasks for the VX are:

  1. Fix coolant leak (goal for tonight)
  2. Change Oil (tomorrow night?)
  3. Charge the battery (tonight or tomorrow)
  4. possibly replace the old gas, and hopefully not clean the carbs. I'm planning to pick up some Seafoam to assist with this process (after success with coolant leak and oil)
  5. Find bolts to re-attach license plate
  6. Reassemble
  7. Pass emissions check
  8. Pay way overdue registration fees
  9. Get new tires
  10. Ride it like I stole it
  11. Get the seat re-covered

Shoot, looking at the list, I should be able to have it on the road in two weeks or less. And I'd better because it's getting hot again, damn it.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sounds like you got your hands full.
With all the time in the garage you'll be spending, You'll have plenty of beer drinking opportunities. So I expect at least one or two new manly beer updates out of you. Hase Fat tire hit your market yet? It's from Colorado I believe. Good stuff mister.

Lucky said...

We have Fat Tire, but I haven't decided if it qualifies for a Manly Beer Review. It seems a little "micro-brew," while I'm trying to look at "macro-brew."

Further research is required! To the liqour store.