Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Party Tune

The Gap Band has a couple of other songs I'm tempted to post, but this one has two things going for it today: One is that it's called "Party Train."  The other is the sweet Auburn they're driving in the beginning of the video.

That car is sweet.

[Watch on YouTube]


mq01 said...

oh wow, its tues already?.. :) i needed this today, EOY and all... thanks lucky!

ooo, ps, i saw a tall man in a black leather get-up (just like on the vid) walking mission blvd (in the dark) this AM, LOL. wow, what a sight...

Dar said...

Thanks Lucky! It made me smile!

Lucky said...

MQ01 - Glad you dug it! And wow, that must have been some sight. Sounds like it would be either awesome or scary... ;)

Dar - I'm glad you enjoyed it!