Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Tuesday Party Tune

Without trying to be too negative, can we all agree that Tuesday is pretty much the least likeable day of the week?

Monday gets a bad rap, but the fact is, Monday morning is probably when we'll all feel the most rested until the following Saturday. So, sure, we have to wake up early and go back to work, but at least we aren't exhausted. And from Wednesday on it's an easy downhill coast to the weekend.

But Tuesday... What an annoying day.  It's the kind of day where you need a little something to raise your spirits.

As such, I'm starting a new thing here on TGMPT, until such time as I lose interest or just forget I'm doing it: The Tuesday Party Tune.  The songs probably won't be motorcycle-or-pizza-related.  I probably won't stick to any particular genre. It's just going to be a party tune.  

For the inaugural Tuesday Party Tune, I give you the immortal Brothers Johnson.

Oh, by the way, happy Mardi Gras!


mq01 said...

yay! i for one, totally dig this theme for tuesdays! you're so right!!! and hmmm... thinking now... ive gotta dust off the skates. :) thanks lucky! happy mardi gras!

VStar Lady said...

Excellent idea ... now on Monday afternoon we have something to look forward to - Tuesday Party Tune. (Or we could all just retire and then every day would be Saturday!)

Lucky said...

mq01 - I'm glad you dig it! Yes, definitely get your skates dusted off. The roller disco awaits!

VStar Lady - Thanks!

I think even after retiring we'll still appreciate a good party tune.